Sandwich Salad Recipe – Delicious and Easy!

Sandwich Salad Recipe – Delicious and Easy!
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I came up with this idea for a sandwich salad one day when I hadn’t been planning any recipe creation at all.

What happened was while I was working, my husband went out to the grocery store to pick up a few things and also to grab a deli sandwich.

We usually dress up the deli sandwiches we get here in our small town with extra fixings, like onions briefly marinated in balsamic vinegar, avocado slices and usually some extra lettuce and veggies, too.

This time, though, the bread on the sandwich was quite stale, so we wanted to still eat the rest of the sandwich without having to eat the dry and hard bread.

So, we decided to make a chopped salad out of rest of the sandwich, minus the bread, and also add in our extras that we like, too, plus some extra lettuce to make it more “salady”.

We also added in some small chunks of fresh Italian bread and a squeeze of mayo and mustard on top.

It was fresh and delicious and has become one of our favorite types of salads. It’s easy to mix and match and throw in anything extra that might taste good on a sandwich.

Hope you like this idea!

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