Sustainable agriculture and wellness innovator, Azuluna Foods, is proud to have Beachbody Super Trainer, Xtend Barre founder and motivation expert Andrea Leigh Rogers as a spokesperson for the launch of their nutrient-dense, pasture-raised chicken bone broth crafted by classically trained chefs to deliver a fall-time favorite that is sumptuously flavored and sustainably made. The bone broth will launch on October 20, 2022 at Andrea’s GROW retreat in Colorado and will be available for pre-order at

Andrea Leigh Rogers, certified Beachbody Super Trainer and lifestyle and motivation expert, created her personal brand, ALR, to elevate and empower women from all walks of life. Her programs are designed to inspire women with the confidence they need to feel energized, grateful, and strong.

Azuluna Foods co-founder, Ken Rapoport has this to share about their partnership:

“We are excited to partner with a major force of nature – and extremely positive influence – Andrea Leigh Rogers of ALR and Beachbody, to co-brand our pasture-raised bone broth in support of ALR’s 4 pillars — movement, shine, growth, and nurture – promoting health and wellness.”

Azuluna Foods was established in 2004 with grant money awarded to Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine by senators Ted Kennedy and Joe Lieberman in an effort to increase farms in New England. Azuluna is on its way to establishing 200 new farms in New England, integrating regenerative agriculture, culinary arts, and nutritional science to create stronger and healthier communities.

In an effort to connect consumers with their food and the land from which it came, Azuluna will provide experiential learning opportunities for over 200,000 students annually by 2025. Azuluna uses a Hub & Spoke farming model to integrate experiential education programs into agricultural settings. Using the farm as the backdrop to classes, Azuluna Foods centers lessons on four pillars: Soil, Water, and Energy Management; Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship; Food as Medicine; and Animal Science.

Azuluna Foods practices responsible sourcing, utilizing proteins from their regenerative livestock farms and integrating produce from local and organic producers whenever possible. Moreover, their partnership with leading culinary schools such as the Johnson & Wales University has given them access to some of the best culinary minds, producers, and nutrition experts to deliver wholesome and delicious food and ingredients to the average consumer.

Azuluna and Andrea Rogers’ pasture-raised chicken bone broth is freshly made with bones from Azuluna Foods’ own pasture-raised chickens, resulting in healthier and tastier broth that utilizes parts of the chicken that would otherwise be wasted. For maximum flavor extraction, the bones, along with some organic vegetables and herbs, are slow-roasted and caramelized before simmering for over 16 hours and fortified with fresh turmeric, sage, and bay leaf to infuse it with powerful health benefits.

Their premium chicken broth is gluten-free, GMO-free, fat-free, antibiotic-free, glyphosate-free, and keto and paleo diet-friendly with 8g of collagen and 14g of protein. Like all Azuluna Foods products, this is as thoughtfully made as possible to promise you a healthy and delicious culinary experience. Knowing where your food is coming from is a big component of healthy eating, and by purchasing from Azuluna you can also be confident that you are supporting regional regenerative farms.

Andrea Leigh Rogers has nothing but good things to say about Azuluna Foods’ new chicken broth. She shares:

“Bone broth has been an essential part of my wellness regimen for years… This magic little elixir makes my skin glow (thank you collagen), my joints nimble, and my gut happy. I love knowing the ingredients from Azuluna Foods come from their humane, regenerative farms that put ethics and the environment first. And their passionate team of dietitians and chefs proves time after time that truly healthy food can be totally delicious. It’s the perfect boost I need to support a strong immune system and a speedy recovery after a killer workout!”

Azuluna Foods is highly regarded for its strides in innovating and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. Azuluna Foods’ vision as a company is centered around the belief that the keys to building a more humane, healthy, and sustainable future are healthy eating and sustainable agriculture through the integration of regenerative farming, nutritional science, and culinary innovation.

All of this makes Azuluna’s partnership with ALR all the more perfect to share and promote the ideal lifestyle that Andrea Leigh Rogers aspires for her audience. Together, they’re the dream team to boost everyone’s health and wellness as well as the planet’s.

Azuluna Foods is set to officially release its new organic chicken broth this October 19, 2022. ALR’s Nourish participants are in for a treat with an exclusive, members-only invite to try the Bone Broth at her VIP event in Colorado. Their bone broth will be available for pre-order on October 20, 2022 on their official website.

To learn more about Azuluna Foods and the amazing things they do to deliver wholesome and sustainably grown foods, be sure to check out their website. Also, be sure to follow and check out Andrea Leigh Rogers through her website and Instagram.


About Azuluna Foods


Azuluna Foods is a producer of nutrient-dense foods that is on a mission to build a healthier planet through innovative land management and wholesome animal husbandry and nutrient-dense meals that are research-backed and created by some of the finest culinary minds in the country. Azuluna’s core tenets revolve around regenerative agricultural practices, better food, and stronger communities. Azuluna Foods’ relentless commitment to its heart-centered business practice has made Azuluna a leading producer of sustainably grown and premium ingredients in the market.

About ALR

ALR is a brand created by Andrea Leigh Rogers to promote the values of motivation and empowerment. Using her experience as a motivation expert, Xtend Barre founder and Beachbody Super Trainer, Andrea Leigh Rogers has helped countless individuals to live a full-out life with a strong body, energized mind, and grateful heart. ALR seeks to be a place that welcomes women to level up their lives and raise the bar to achieve a sense of confidence that they might have never realized they had.