I’m really enjoying seeing all the cheese platters and snack boards which are all the rage these days and make for a perfect snack — and party activity — all in one. This delightful “cook” book features a wide range of inventive and delicious trays for all sorts of parties, whether they revolve around watching a movie or not. The “recipes” feature ingredients offered at most grocery stores and, although some ingredients (like some cheeses or charcuterie) are not cheap, they aren’t exotically expensive, either; they just look that way when assembled as cleverly as this! Most trays feature clear ties to the movies, such as treats tied to the era (such as the retro canapes for “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”), locations in the film (Italian, for the Twilight Saga), or foods actually eaten on screen (Reese’s Pieces blondies for “E.T.”).

I love how the full-page photographs of each tray are both beautiful and mouth-watering. The movie categories run the gamut, including Romance, Kids Movies and Musicals, Action and Drama, Horror, and Comedy. The films selected include many of the most popular series and classics, including some of my favorites like: A League of Their Own, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Casablanca, Clueless, Disney Princesses, The Twilight Saga, The Wizard of Oz and You’ve Got Mail. None of the trays or recipes take any real skills to create or assemble, since the foods will look delicious and fun regardless of their arrangement.