This book takes its “unofficial” status seriously. Aside from the introduction, it doesn’t seem to discuss the series, games, and books, with much directness. Instead, there are oblique references and chapters like “Feasts Fit for a King” or “Food for the Journey.”

Which is all to the good. Too often, cookbooks based on movies or books are too focused on the IP, and not on the recipes themselves. So, this cookbook seems — to me at least — to be the reverse. Great recipes, each flavorful, fulfilling, and rewarding in its own way. For instance, the French leek flamiche (something like a quiche) makes a wonderful breakfast or brunch, while the roasted “royal” turkey, is genuinely perfect for any holiday dinner.

The recipes seem to come from across the globe, and several mention wild game — both fantastic and IRL — such as the venison jerky or duck blood soup, while others are more easily adaptable with ingredients from any local market. For example, for the roasted quail recipe, I’ve swapped out (slightly milder, less expensive, and much easier to find) game hens, and still enjoyed a rich and delicious meal.

While others “believe in the sword,” I am a true believer in these excellent recipes. Indeed, of all the IP-based cookbooks I’ve seen and reviewed over the years, this one offers the best recipes of all. Aside from any fan’s devotion to “The Witcher,” each recipe offers sumptuous, delicious recipes anyone who loves meaty, flavorful fare would enjoy.