Most of these sumptuous recipes are featured at well-regarded restaurants. Often, it is their signature recipe. Each recipe, while not always simple to make, is presented in a clear and straightforward manner, with strikingly beautiful photos, informative text, easy-to-follow design, and excellent printing and binding — from the homemade “Oreos” to the chocolate souffle with fudge sauce. The photos, which accompany each recipe, are exceptional.

For example, the honey-sweetened croissant recipe from the Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York (home of the original Cronut), must be the single best photo of a croissant in history — sliced in half, cleanly, perfectly, revealing both the thin, crisp crust and the surprisingly airy chambered texture within, which is both surprising and exactly what it tastes like.

Similarly, each recipe offers decades of experience in the bakery making each of these decadent, perfect dishes. My favorites include the Strawberry Labneh Granola Tart, from Majed Ali, and Duff Goldman’s great-grandmother’s Chocolate Babka. This is not only an excellent compilation of favorite baked dessert recipes, it’s a treasure chest of experience, wisdom, and so much deliciousness.