This is a fascinating (and well-designed) cookbook and exploration into the world of “heritage” baking, which means creating your own starter (instead of conventional yeasts) and pairing that with heirloom grains. Together, bakers can create flavorful breads that one won’t find anywhere else — other than bakeries like the famous Hewn Bakery in Chicago, from which many of these recipes originate. After the 43-page introduction into this world of heritage baking, which includes descriptions of wheat types like Red Fife, Marquis, Turkey Red, and Rouge de Bordeaux.

The beautifully photographed and printed book then describes how to create and sustain your own starter, alongside insights and tips that any bread baker would benefit from, like an explanation of why we score the tops of bread. The recipes include cookies and pastries, but I think the emphasis is on the rustic bread loaves, filled with rich flavors, like the Parmesan garlic (DH favorite), the cranberry walnut (my favorite), and the potato rosemary, which our kids love. There are also profiles of the farmers who grow these legacy wheat strains, too. A beautiful book with wonderful recipes for serious bakers everywhere.