Our family uses our slow cooker as much or more than anyone I know as it is just incredibly convenient and budget friendly. As a big fan of Martha Stewart, I was very excited to see this new book from her with slow cooker recipes. It covers everything from appetizers to desserts. There are recipes from around the world, like Hawaiian style shortribs, ropa vieja from Cuba and Ethiopian chicken stew – all delicious and family favorites now.

There are unexpected recipes liked poached salmon which I hadn’t realized I could cook in a crockpot, but it turned out very moist. There’s also pasta dishes, like Pasta e Fagioli, which is nice to be able to cook in the slow cooker. As I expected from Martha Stewart, the layout is clear and modern, while the photos of the food are gorgeous and plentiful.

This is easily the most innovative and inspiring slow cooker cookbook I have ever received. If you use a slow cooker often and would like to vary your menu, this is a fantastic book.