I love how this charming book features recipes for all different kinds of mochi, showcasing all that mochi has to offer. There are chapters on the Mochi-making Basics, the dough, the fillings, decorating with mochi, pounded mochi, odango balls, and baked mochi. Each recipe is laid out in a fun and engaging style with color and lavish photos throughout. The text in the recipes is fun, yet very clear and easy-to-follow. My own appreciation of mochi has grown which is saying something because I really love it.

My favorite recipe is probably the matcha anmitsu with mango dango fruit salad — I think it is the perfect summer dessert. I like how there is a wide range of recipes from ice cream-filled confections to mouth-watering, savory recipes. Anyone who is interested in learning to explored mochi would love this book. It’s really quite well done and aside from its cute and playfully engaging photos, text, layout, and typography, the book is like an encyclopedia of all that emoji is and can be. Fantastic book!