I try to stick with a low sugar diet, so I love finding new treats that I can actually eat! These Keto cookies from The Cookie Department are so tasty and help me to not feel deprived at all with my food restricted diet.

I love eating them after warming them up for a few seconds in the microwave, it’s like having them fresh out of the oven, warm and gooey! They have chocolate chip, birthday cake and chocolate mint flavors – YUM!

My kids love them, too, and I would much rather have them eat these than ones filled with preservatives and sugar.

Meet THE COOKIE DEPARTMENT … the sweet story of how a husband’s love for his medically challenged wife, to add a little sweetness to her healing journey, changed the world by inventing the perfect low carb and keto cookie!

In 2019, The Cookie Department began to take its current shape as America’s most delicious Ketogenic Cookie on the market. Cookie Department CCT (Chief Cookie Taster), Elannah, has had a long journey of healing from the debilitating effects of traumatic brain injuries. Consistently her team of doctors had recommended incongruous treatment protocols, with her body often feeling like a trial and error test subject. A rare area of agreement was that the ketogenic diet would decrease her inflammation and nerve pain, stabilize her blood sugar and lift her brain fog. Keto has been a huge win for their family!

Due to the stringency of medical keto, Elannah wasn’t able to indulge in most sweets, nor were there many ketogenic friendly sweets on the market at the time. It was then Cookie Department CCM (Chief Cookie Maker), Akiva, started baking her indulgent treats without the sugar, carbs, or gluten. As the keto-friendly food space grew, the Resnikoffs sampled every keto cookie out there. None have been as satiating as those Akiva whipped up, so together they decided to transition their cookie line to focus solely on some of their favorite keto creations.

I highly recommend them, whether you are on the keto diet or you just want to eat healthier!