Like its author, The Cottage Kitchen offers a sophisticated perspective on the joys and wonders of things both simple and honest. After spending busy years traveling the globe as a world-class photographer, author Marte Marie Forsberg ( and realized that, even though she still loved her native Norway, she wanted to live somewhere else. She ended up falling in love with, and settling in, a charming English country cottage.

After learning to cook like the locals, blending their flavors and recipes with her family’s, she now offers this wondrous cook book, filled with more than enough gorgeous photography (and sophisticated layout) to rest proudly on anyone’s coffee table, mantle, library — or kitchen. The recipes are divine, though often simple and easy enough to make.

Mulled cider, Norwegian waffles and pancakes, shellfish and tomato spaghetti, and her mother’s baked skillet apples. Wonderful, sophisticated flavors, and yet so easily prepared. Too often, like high-end photography, the thing that cookbooks lack is a sense of the love and gratification that the subject or recipes provide; here, the love is foremost, and so very delicious.