Since some of my extended family members suffered from diabetes-related illnesses, leading to untimely ends, I decided to try to avoid sugary foods as much as I can, to make sure I never have to worry about diabetes or any other sugar-related diseases. But recently, I took my kids to try a doughnut-as-bun burger at a local food truck. I had a bite and it was, well, as expected. A few days later, we went to get some fast food burgers and — the buns tasted every bit as sweet as the doughnut did. I hadn’t realized how much sugar is used in the foods Americans eat every day.

So I guess if you want to do something right — including cooking — you’ve got to do it yourself. And that’s why I’m so relieved to get this wonderful new cookbook! It’s a beautiful book, in a high-quality hard-cover binding, very well designed with a colorful layout and plentiful delicious-looking photos throughout. It features contemporary American cooking, with healthy and flavorful dishes that my family really loves. It’s the rare cookbook where you could (and would!) actually make, devour, and enjoy every single recipe. The book is divided into several sections — a breadkfast/brunch section, “Bars, Cookies & Desserts,” “Salads, SIdes & Soups,” “Family Dinner Time Treats,” and “Party Zone.”

It’s the kind of cookbook I like to keep at hand for my shopping list and quick and healthy meals. My family’s new favorite meal relies on dishes from the book alone: Cheesy Green Beans and Bacon, Chicken Enchiladas, and Ooey Gooey Butter Cake for dessert. No sugar anywhere! The recipes are well written — concise and very easy to read. Most of the recipes are very easy to make as well, most with only 3 to 5 steps. Super easy and super delicious. It’s an excellent cookbook, with healthy recipes my entire family loves, and I can’t wait to see more from No Sugar Baker!