I really wish I could eat watermelon all year round, but I sure do try to enjoy it as much as I can while it is ripe in the Summer.

I was really glad to find out about delicious Wonder Melon drinks! They’re so good and refreshing, with unique and yummy flavors.

Here’s a little about them:

  • 🍉Organic Cold Pressed Watermelon Juice, No Rinds
  • 🍉Watermelon Juice (No Rinds) With Some Cucumber and Basil which add an Awesome Twist to this Refreshing Drink
  • 🍉All Natural, Vegan, Non GMO Verified, Certified Fair Trade, Gluten Free
  • 🍉Flavorful and Refreshing right out of the bottle, Great in Mixes
  • 🍉Certified Kosher